Friday, April 25, 2014

List of Panasonic LED TV 2014 models (line-up)

Panasonic offers an extensive range of LED TVs. Looks like it will not make Panasonic Plasma TV. Within the range of Panasonic TV's 2014 models with FullHD resolution or UltraHD. Panasonic does not manufacture televisions with curved screens, OLED technology or plasma. This year the "Queen of plasma" focuses on FullHD and 4K.

New Panasonic 2014: 
The SmartTV develops and changes with new features like motion sensor, ... Improve the recommendations, with a "like" button that uses the TV to learn our tastes.

Full HD model:
Panasonic AS802B Our opinion about Panasonic AS802B
  • TX-60AS802B
  • TX-55AS802B
  • TX-47AS802B
Panasonic AS740B Our opinion about Panasonic AS740B
  • TX-55AS740B
  • TX-47AS740B
  • TX-42AS740B
Panasonic AS650B Our opinion about Panasonic AS650B
  • TX-60AS650B
  • TX-55AS650B
  • TX-50AS650B
  • TX-47AS650B
  • TX-42AS650B
Panasonic AS640B Our opinion about Panasonic AS640B
  • TX-55AS640B
  • TX-48AS640B
  • TX-40AS640B
Panasonic AS600B Our opinion about Panasonic AS600B
  • TX-50AS600B
  • TX-42AS600B
  • TX-39AS600B
  • TX-32AS600B
Panasonic AS520B Our opinion about Panasonic AS520B
  • TX-50AS520B
  • TX-42AS520B
  • TX-32AS520B
Panasonic AS500B Our opinion about Panasonic AS500B
  • TX-50AS500B
  • TX-42AS500B
  • TX-39AS500B
  • TX-32AS500B
Panasonic AS400B
  • TX-50AS400B
  • TX-42AS400B
  • TX-39AS400B
  • TX-32AS400B
4K models:
Panasonic AX804
  • TX-65AX802B
  • TX-58AX802B
  • TX-50AX802B

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