Monday, June 16, 2014

Difference between LG LB650V LB630V, LB620V, LB670V, .. Mid-Range 2014 series

The LG LB6000 series is the midrange SmartTV* and 3D* 2014. These models are very good value for money, but there are some important differences between the different models. The differences between the models LB620V, LB630V, LB650V, LB671V and LB670V focuses on the refresh rate, the extras, the type of SmartTV and design.

The LG LB670V and LB671V are the same and just change the design. Are the top models, the panel is 200Hz and 700Hz MCI. Another aspect which is superior to other models is the 24W audio and control webOS Standard 2014, which is included.

The LG LB630V and LB650V models are the similar, they have 100HZ panel (MCI 500Hz) and the models have the new SmartTV, but don't include the new control. The main difference is the 3D technology: The LG 3D LB630V doesn't include 3D, while the LB650V is 3D passive with glasses is included.

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The LG LB620V is the lowest model of the 6000 series. The refresh rate of the panel is 50Hz (100Hz CMI). It's 3D and Smart TV but donesn't include the new webOS. The 3D glasses are included.

LG TVs are known for their good SmartTV, compatibility and quality of natural image. The Panel offers good viewing angles and televisions ideal for very bright rooms. The passive 3D is somewhat lower in definition compared to the active system, but is less annoying.

We recommend buying the top model LG LB670V if the budget allows, is the mid-range model can more often 200Hz panel, available only in high-end models of other brands.

In our opinion another very recomenable model of LG is the LG LB630V, it is probably the best Smart TV without 3D in 2014 (along with Sony W705)

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* The LB630V doesn't include 3D ​​

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