Wednesday, June 18, 2014

What TV LED you should buy in 2014? We recommend the best HDTV for you

We recommend you what LED TV you should buy. There are many models of LED TV, some for just over 300£ and others over 3000£. Wich LED TV is better to buy in 2014? What is our advice?

Which one is best LED TV depends on: the uses, budget, personal preferences, ... For all this we recommend reviewing our TV buying guide for choosing the best 2014 LED TV. Anyway we recommend you should buy LED TV in the second half of 2014. This summer-autumn 2014 suggest buying 2014 models, the 2013 models are not found in stores yet.
You can visit our post with all 2014 models of each brand.

What LED TV is best for watching sports? 
For sports, should look at the refresh rate, the Hz. Different brands advertise their Hz differently, but the panels are available in 50, 100 or 200Hz. See our post about: What is the best LED TV for watching sports 2014? 
What is the best LED TV for watching movies?
In the case of using the TV mainly for film we should look to the quality of picture and sound. Usually the most noticeable is the contrast, especially if we see movies in the dark. The Hz are important especially for action movies. You can read our full review with: What HDTV you should buy for watching movies?
What is the best LED TV for gaming?
The most important is having a low inputlag and image quality. Sony wins the game this 2014 to its competitors. You can read our full post with the best gaming TV 2014.
Which is the best LED SmartTV? 
In the Internet connection there are two brands that offer the best SmartTV. The first is Samsung, which has for years been the number one, but LG has introduced new models webOS system, which can have good future ... You can visit our post with: What is the best SmartTV 2014? 
Our LED TV recommended for a large family
If we want a TV for a family with many children, we can focus on aspects such as SmartTV, viewing angle and passive 3D. You can read our post with the best LED TV for a large family.
  • LG LN580V: low range
  • LG LB650V: Midrange
  • LG LB870V: high-end
What LED TV 2014 is better? 
It is difficult as we have seen, choose a single best TV, as there are many different uses. In this post we compared the best Full HD LED TV each brand, as private labels these are your best models, although we're not entirely agree. 
Which UHD TV is the best one 2014? 
Ultra HD from all brands are presented, but it seems that Sony wins with his new XBR-9000B. Visit our best input 4K LED TV 2014. 
Which is the best value for money LED TV?
To conclude, we can say that the best LED TV 2014 is the Sony KDL-X9000B, but of course it costs 3,000£ in 55 inches. Some of the best value for money TVs are here have explained:

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