Wednesday, June 18, 2014

What is the best LED TV for watching sports 2014? recommendation

Among all models of LED TVs sold in 2014, we can find some that are better for watching sports than others. Our advice is that we should look to a TV that has more Hz. Be careful with false advertising panels as there are only 50Hz low end, midrange 100Hz and 200Hz high end. What Hz mean in the LED TV?
With improved Hz get images with fast movements we see correctly, avoiding the ghosting effect. This year it seems that Panasonic offers screens with more Hz, called BLS. Sony TVs fall somewhat short in this regard. The models can highlight are:
  • Midrange LB670V LG or Panasonic AS650E. The two models with real 200Hz. 
  • Highrange: Samsung H7000 is a good television in all aspects.

One of the aspects that we highlight to have the best LED TV for watching sports is the size, we believe it should be as large as possible within the recommended margins, and regularly viewed in HD. Our view is that bigger is better, even at the expense of some image quality.

2014 Recommended TVs to watch sports:

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