Wednesday, June 18, 2014

What is the best LED TV for watching movies 2014

Many people want to buy the the best LED TV for watching movies, film fans looking for a TV to see where the best possible movies. All, or almost all models offer good quality for watching movies, but we recommend only the best.

One of the most important aspects is the contrast, deep blacks are necessary to watch movies in the dark. To get blacker blacks local / Micro Dimming system is used to darken areas of the TV. Although we believe that the most important is the type of panel, because the type VA provides the best contrast than IPS panels.

Another essential aspect if we want the best LED TV for watching action movies is Hz. Scenes with quick movements, look better the more Hz.
The Hz can make theater effect appears where the image looks too defined. In most models, improving Hz, can be disconnected, like the Local Dimming.

The Audio is essential to enjoy a good movie. In regards to the sound quality believe that you need to buy an external system, since only higher-end models offer more than 20W.

We always recommend bigger is better.

2014 Best LED TV for watching movies:

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