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Comparative all 4K TV 2014: HU8500, X9005B, AX802B, UB850V, PUS7809, ...

The 4K models provide more resolution than full HD models. These TVs are very expensive and there are no content that can display 4K. Should you buy a 4K UHD TV in 2014?

All brands offer a 4K model, from £1000 to £10,000. The screen sizes available are between 48 inches and 90 inches. As for value, and being a bit more realistic with the budget, there are some interesting 4K models and others not so much. We present our comparative between all 4K TV 2014 models.

Samsung HU8500 (10): Samsung ventured, with curved 4K TV, but has other cheaper models and flat screen as the Samsung Ultra HD UH6900 or HU7500. This Superbly SmartTV and great image is placed at the top in 2014 4K TVs. The Samsung HU8500 is very recommended and slightly cheaper than the Sony X9005B. Our full review about the Samsung HU8500

Sony X9005B (9): This is the evolution of the X9005A (2013) is probably one of the best TVs you can buy today, both in picture quality and sound, the price is really high. Our review of the Sony X9005B.

Panasonic AX802B (8.5): 4K LED TV Good for gamers with a tighter price the TOP models from other brands. Great 3D. You can read our review of the Panasonic AX802B.

Philips PUS7809 (8): A really cheap 4K TV, the picture quality is good and the price even better. We do not recommend children under 55 inch screens for televisions UHD. Our opinion about the Philips PUS7809.

Samsung HU8200 (8) is very similar to top HU8500 model, it is also curved. The differences are few extras, 100Hz and processor, but the picture and audio are kept very good with a somewhat lower price. We recommend you read our review of the Samsung H8200.

Samsung HU7500 (8): Is 4K flat screen 2014 model from Samsung. This is not as good as the HU8500 but it is a recommended model. You can read our review Samsung HU7500

LG UB850V (7): is an economic 4K TV like the Samsung HU6900. This model is the lower model LG 4K 2014. Contrast is not good but the price competes with Full HD (2K) models. Opinion about LG UB850V.

LG UB950V (7): is a television really disappointing in contrast, the definition is great and in a suitable environment and bright images is ideal, the webOS SmartTV is also very good, like all LG. Not a TV recommended, not for gamers because it has much inputlag. You can read our full review of the LG UB950V.

LG UB980V (?) 
We recommend you read our post our review to the LG UB980V

Finally, we remind you that the best prices of these TVs you can find them on our list of online shops. 

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