Thursday, July 24, 2014

Difference between LG LB580V vs LB570V

The LG LB580V and LB570V are very similar models. The two are Smart TV and do not include 3D ​​technology. These two models are the best TV without 3D LG 2014. They share most features: SmartTV, 100Hz MCI, Triple XD Engine processor, 20W audio, ...

What is the difference between the LB580V and LB570V TVs?
The main difference between these models is that the LB580V includes Wi-Fi while the LB570V model is optional. Wi-Fi is used to connect your TV to your router, if your TV is near the router can be connected by Ethernet cable. Our advice is to save money and buy the LG LB570V if we have the router near the TV, and you can always buy a "accessory" to incorporate the USB Wi-Fi.
Another obvious difference is the design, these models have different designs: with "feet" or square base, you can see the difference in the image below.
The difference between the prices of the two models of LG is not very large, please search our list of online shopping the best price for any of the two models and buy the cheapest, LG LG LB570V or LB580V.

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