Friday, August 29, 2014

Difference Sony W605B vs W705B best hdtv without 3D 2014

The Sony W605B and W705B models are the best Sony LED TV without 3D 2014. Sony offers a 2D image quality in almost all 2014 models, as in these two cases. Both models W6 and W7 are recommended if you prioritize is the 2D image quality with good black level, but what are the differences between the Sony W605B and W705B?

Sony W705B vs W605B
The first difference is that we name: the screen sizes. The Sony W705 is available in 32, 42 and 50 inches, while the W605 Sony screens in sizes: 40, 48 and 60 inches.
The sound is similar, only the 60-inch model has a higher power: 20W, if you want a good audio system you need to buy an external system.
The 2D picture quality is excellent in both models, the screens get a good black level and are the best in its price range. The Motion Flow is also equal, 200Hz (400Hz models 50 and 60 inches). The upper panel is W705B with Frame Dimming Edge gets a higher level of blacks.
Connectivity is good with 4x HDMI and 2 x USB, plus built-in Wi-Fi. The inputlag is also low in both models are recommended for gamers TVs.
The design is similar, but not the material. The Sony W605B is a TV set plastic, the W705 / W706 features an aluminum bezel.

Summary comparison Sony W605B vs W705B
The main dispute centers on the type of panel, the panel of W7 series is superior, the other main difference is the design, the W605 is plastic and aluminum W705.

What we recommend to buy?
If budget is under the Sony W605B is a good choice, but the price difference between the two models is too small, so we recommend buying the Sony W705B, which is the same TV that W805B, but without 3D technology .

Our complete reviews on these models:
* remember that the Sony W706B is the same model as the W705B so the differences are the same.

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