Sunday, August 31, 2014

Difference Between LG: LB730V vs LB731V vs LB700V

The models of the 7000 series of LG 2014 are high-end TVs. We can ensure that the system webOS Smart TV is one of the best that have ever been made ​​and which is likely to continue improving. The 3D is passive and is really good too, the images do not darken as much as in other panels. The 2D picture is good but lacks some contrast. The panel is 200Hz, 700Hz/800Hz of MCI. 

LG LB700V vs LB730V vs LB731V 
The difference between the models is very little LB7000 share most features and differ mainly in the color of the frame.
The LG LB730V is colored while the LG LB731V ** is ** color for everything else are the same model.
The LG LB700V has other small differences besides the color, does not include extras like the remote control or Magic 3D glasses must be purchased separately.

Our views on these models: 

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