Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Sony R413B / R453B: The cheapest Sony TV in 2014 (no-3D no-Smart)

The Sony R413B (R453) is a LED TV 2014. This model is available in 32 inch: HDReady and 40 inches: FullHD. The R413 is a Sony TV without internet connection and, of course, without 3D. The R4 Sony 2014 series is the lowest category. These TVs are the cheapest of Sony 2014. However The connectivity is good, with USB and HDMI ports. The picture quality is good, 100Hz Motion flow and quite natural colors.
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Technical / Specifications:
Screen-size: 32 and 40* inches.
Technology: LED
Resolution: HDReady / FullHD*
3D: no
MotionFlow: 100Hz
  • 2x HDMI
  • 1x USB 
  • Audio 5+5W / 8+8W*

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Visit TV LED Glossary for more information about what does mean HDMI, HDReady, CMR, HZ...

Sony KDL-R413B Design:

Sony R410B (
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Our opinion (Verdict):
Our opinion on the Sony R413BB is not good, we think that for the same price we can aspire to a FullHD TV (R453), SmartTV and even with the same image quality. Otherwise, if we do not want to spend much money and just want an auxiliary TV or not really give much importance to the quality and functions of the new TV, this model meets the minimum. A LED TV to watch TV, without more, ... We recommend reviewing the Sony W605B models, Samsung H5000 or LG LB5610, before buying the Sony R413B.

Name of models:
  • Sony KDL-32R413B HDReady 10W
  • Sony KDL-40R453B FullHD 16W
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