Wednesday, September 3, 2014

LG LB700V: One of the best 3D IPS SmartTV (without extras)

The LG LB700V is a HDTV LED TV 2014. This is the same model as the LG LB730V and LB731V. In this case a part of the difference in color LG LB700V not include extras like the Magic Remote Control or passive 3D glasses. If we want these extras must buy them separately, but we advise you to buy extras this model to save some money. This model stands out for its SmartTV webOS and the quality of its 3D. Besides the image with MCI 700Hz is great for watching sports or action movies. As for connectivity and compatibility has everything you need. We recommend you check our full review on the LG LB730V you can extrapolate the model LG LB700V.
Technical / Specifications:
Technology: LED IPS
3D: yes
Processor: Triple XD Engine
MCI: 700Hz
SmartTV: webOS
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LG LB700V Design:
Name of models:
  • LG 42LB700V
  • LG 47LB700V
  • LG 55LB700V
  • LG 60LB700V
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