Friday, October 10, 2014

What TV buy in October 2014?

What TV we recommend to buy during October / November 2014?

It is important to clarify that these are the models that we recommend buying at the end of 2014, in December we will make another post and offers some new models ahead of the holiday season, not always save these jobs as there are models that are more expensive. Buying in online stores ensures fair prices and that these prices hardly vary.

Our recommendations to buy an LED TV in October / November 2014 are: 
Non-Smart / non-3D: 
Almost all current models include Smart TV, which means you are connected to internet, but there are some models, of various brands, which do not include any of these new technologies, there are low-end models, televisions just to watch the TV.
Samsung H5000: we believe that this is the best non-SmartTV that you can buy now, offers a fairly decent picture and the price is low.
Smart TV non-3D: 
As we have said almost all 2014 models include SmartTV, The 3D technology is not really useful because there aren't enough content. Our recommendation is to buy a TV without 3D models, which are lower-middle range and the price is very similar to the models non-Smart. The Smart TV allows us access to the Internet, connect our PC to the TV wi-fi ....
Sony W605B: is surely the better TV price-value in 2014, it has a very good 2D image for the price. You should buy this TV.
Smart TV and 3D: 
All models of medium-high-end 2014 include 3D technology, but if we want a good TV the 3D comes yes or yes. These models are the best and midrange LED TV 2014. We recommend you some of mid-range models.
Sony W828B: The best 2D picture quality of 2014, the 3D and SmartTV are not the best, also ideal for playing video games.
Samsung H6500: The mid-range from Samsung 2014, this TV offers one of the best 3D and the SmartTV is good too, it is a model with extras and we recommend you to buy this TV.

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