Tuesday, November 11, 2014

What TV you Should to buy in November 2014?

Will you recommend me buying a TV in november 2014? What tv recommend me to buy november?We suggest you the TV that you should buy.

There are many models of TVs, big, small, with 3D, Internet 32 inches to over 80. There are also models with different resolution: full HD, 4K, ....

We will not analyze all the TV, you can read our reviews of all 2014 TV models from the major brands.

Our recommendation for buying a TV in November 2014 is generic and recommend some of the best rated-value models.

We will classify the TV as the price we are willing to pay, the size of the screen varies the price.

Cheap TVs recommended in November 2014:
  • Samsung H5000: One of the best low priced TV, only TV.
  • Sony W605B: best TV value to buy in 2014, the 2D picture quality is the best, this is more expensive than the H5000 and includes Smart TV.
Mid range TVs in November 2014 recommended:
  • Sony W705B: is one of the best non-3D TV, but the best and the price is really tight, as in all the best Sony TV's 2D picture quality.
  • Samsung H6500: A little more expensive but more complete, this includes 3D and SmartTV. The flat-middle class, most complete and most recommended.
High-end TVs in November 2014 recommended:
  • Sony W828B: It has the best quality of the 2014 2D image and the best price.
The best TV in November 2014 recommended:
4K excellent models but still too expensive.

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