Thursday, December 4, 2014

What TV you should buy for January 2015?

Which tv to buy for January?

Our recommendation: What TV should you buy in december 2014/january 2015?
We will recommend several models that are recommended, as specified: SmartTV, 3D, +55 inch ... Before you select your HDTV LED, we advise you to check our TV buying guide 2014, to choose which specifications are more suited to your needs .

There are many models on sale of different brands, the brand that we recommend are Sony, Samsung. LG, Panasonic, ...

The Best LED TV 2014 on sale for 2015:
If you want to buy the best 2014 LED TV we believe you should choose the Sony XBR 4K X9005, a TV with ultra-resolution which is excellent in all respects, the price is really high and only accessible to the wealthy. A slightly more rational option is the Smasung HU8500, is also 4K but something cheaper.
Our 4K UHD TV recommended:
You can consult our list of all 2014 4K UHD TV (line-up).

TV Best value for money in January 2014:
If you want to buy a TV for Christmas 2014 we recommend these as the best models according to their price.
  • Samsung H6400: TV is a highly recommended, good Smart, good 3D, 2D good quality, good contrast, ... A TV with a price below its value. (Other models in the H6000 series are also recommended)
  • Sony W828: The best 2D picture quality at the best price. We also recommend other models of Sony W8 series 2014).
  • Sony W705 / W605: Good quality 2D image without 3D technology. The model 60 KDL W605 is the largest and cheapest screen that we might like.

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