Wednesday, January 28, 2015

All models LG TV 2015/2016 lineup UK

All TV LG models by 2015. It presents several models this 2015, in this post are getting all models on sale with links to our reviews of each model. It is important to remember that new LG 2015 TVs are not for sale until spring 2015, so we recommend buying TV LG models 2014 during the first half of 2015.

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Novelties presented LG TV 2015
LG is committed to OLED technology (currently held by problems in the manufacturing process), although the price for the 2015 is still too high. 2015 LG has flat and curved TVs, FullHD, UHD and LED / OLED.
SmartTV system is webOS 2.0 that works really well, is one of the best.

UF950V: Our review
  • LG 79UF950V
  • LG 65UF950V
  • LG 55UF950V
UF860V: Our review
  • LG 49UF860V
  • LG 55UF860V
  • LG 60UF860V
  • LG 65UF860V
UF850V: Our review
  • LG 49UF850V
  • LG 55UF850V
  • LG 60UF850V
  • LG 65UF850V
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UF770V: Our review
  • LG 79UF770V
  • LG 70UF772V
  • LG 65UF770V
  • LG 60UF770V
  • LG 55UF770V
  • LG 49UF770V
  • LG 43UF770V
  • LG 40UF770V
UF695V: Our review
  • LG 43UF695V
  • LG 49UF695V
  • LG 55UF695V
UF680V: Our review
  • LG 43UF680V
  • LG 49UF680V
  • LG 55UF680V
UF675V: Our review
  • LG 49UF675V
  • LG 55UF675V
  • LG 65UF675V
UF671V: Our review
  • LG 49UF671V
  • LG 55UF671V
  • LG 65UF671V
LF652V: Our Review
  • LG 32LF650V
  • LG 42LF652V
  • LG 50LF652V
  • LG 55LF652V
Full HD
LF630V: Our review
  • LG 32LF630V
  • LG 40LF630V
  • LG 43LF630V
  • LG 49LF630V
  • LG 55LF630V
LF600V: Our Review
  • LG 50LF600V
    LF580V: Our Review
    • 32LF580V
    • 42LF580V
    • 50LF580V
    • 55LF580V
    LF540V: Our Review
    • 32LF540V
    • 42LF540V
    • 50LF540V
    • 55LF540V
    4K OLED TVs
    Smart 3D 4K OLED TV webOS 2.0
    • LG 65EG960V
    • LG 55EG960V
    • LG 65UG870V
    • LG 55UG870V
    HD Ready

    • LG 22LF4520
    • LG 24LF4520
    • LG 28LF4520
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