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What is the best LED TV 2013 for gaming? PS4, PS3, Xbox, ...

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First see that need and specifications that have budget , there are many models on the market that can meet our needs.

If you have no budget limit and you don't want to read our post, the quick response : What is the best LED TV 2013/2014 for gaming? The Sony KDL-W905A.
The real gamers advise plasma TVs, but if you are determined to buy a LED TV there are some factors you should consider to choose a good LED TV for gaming.

As for definition suggest it is a TV FullHD, especially above 32in, this isn't as important for smaller screens.

Screen size bigger is better, if the LED TV can't fit at home, you need move another house!

The input lag is perhaps one of the factors that they look when searching for a LED TV for gaming, it is the delay that has the TV since: I hit the button until " Mario Bross jumps". In this case the higher-end models usually incorporate more input- lag, being greatly exaggerated in the models of LG as the LM960V or LA860V with values ​​higher than 70ms. Desirable values ​​are about 30 - 40ms for regular gamers and less than 30ms for serious gamers. This feature isn't advertised in the Technical Specifications to look for evidence of expert users or bloggers. You can see our list of approximate measures of the best selling models.

There are some LED TVs that have some interesting extras for games like Philips Dual View Gamming or LG Dual Play, which allows two players to full screen using glasses. Ideal for couples of brothers that gaming on the same screen.

LED TV Input lag minimum measures "game mode" (2013 models):
  • Sony W905A 20ms
  • Sony W805A 17ms
  • LG LA740S : 55ms
  • LG LA660S 45ms
  • Panasonic DT65 34.4ms
  • Panasonuc ET60 60ms
  • Panasonic E6 36ms
  • Samsung F8000 45ms
  • Samsung F7000 42ms
  • Samsung F6500 33ms
  • Samsung F6400 35ms
  • Samsung F5700 28ms
  • Philips PFL7008 65ms
  • Philips PFL6008 65ms
  • Philips PFL5008 33ms
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The best LED TV, first half of 2014, for PS3, PS4 , Xbox , ... no doubt, it is the Sony W905A and W805A. This TVs are great picture, best in the W905A , with SmartTV rather poor but have very low inputlag :
If you have doubts about what TV model to buy for games you can leave a comment and we will try to advise you.


  1. Hi
    I am trying to decide between the Sony KDL40W605 and the Samsung 40F6400.
    At the moment they are selling for the same price. Going through the specifications there doesnt appear to be much difference between them other than the Sony being a 2014 model.

    For me I need three things from this tv:
    - Good/great gaming performance with PS3/PS4
    -Good gaming performance when running as main screen for a powerful gaming laptop (HDMI input)
    - Ability to stream media from NAS drive (or media server) connected to network

    Any opinion or advice would be much appreciated :)

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