Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Difference between Samsung JU7000 vs JU7500

The main difference between the models: JU7500 and JU7000 Samsung is the design of the screen, curved in the case of JU7500 and flat on the JU7000. We do not recommend curved screens in small sizes (under 55 inches). We also recommend you consider where we will place / hang.

Both models are TVs 2015, UHD resolution (4K). Both include the new system Tizen SmartTV with extras like one-connect, or touch remote control.
Samsung JU7500

Other differences:
  • Rate: The curved model JU7500 has 1400Hz, 1300Hz JU7000 the flat model.
  • Audio: The Samsung JU7500 is 40W sound power, the Samsung JU7000 only offers 20W.
  • Image: The Auto depth enhancer technology is included only in the Samsung JU7500, so it is better in image quality.
  • ? Extras: The Samsung JU7500 includes active 3D glasses while the JU7000 model does not incorporate
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