Friday, April 17, 2015

Difference Samsung 6000 Series: JU6670 J6300 JU6400 JU6740

In this post we will explain the difference between all models of Samsung Series 6000 2015, all televisions midrange Samsung. Series 6 shares main characteristics: SmartTV and none includes 3D technology.

The Samsung J6200 and J6300 are mid-range models with FullHD resolution, the other models in the 6000 series are all Ultra HD. We can say that these are the best SmartTV FullHD Samsung SmartTV 2015. Two models without 3D technology.
The Samsung J6200 is Flat panel 600Hz.
The Samsung J6300 is curved screen with 800Hz, Auto Depth Enhancer technology that is present only in the curved TVs.

The JU6500 has the curved screen and JU6400 have flat screen, both are Smart TV, with Mircrodimming Pro technology without 3D:
The Samsung JU6400 have flat screen, is very similar to JU6500, but with PQI 900Hz. It includes Wide Color Enhancer (Plus) and Contrast Enhancer technology.
The Samsung JU6410 is the same as the JU6400, except design (white) and incorporates DVB-S.
The Samsung JU6500 has the curved screen, PQI 1100 Hz. It does not incorporate the same technology (the curved panel) JU6400 that in this case provides: PurColor, and Auto Depth Enhancer. Also includes Smart Control command.
The Samsung JU6510 is white with Satellite DVB-S tuner, everything else is equal to Samsung JU6500

In addition to these models, common to all stores, there are other models that are sold in some centers. The Samsung JU6670 and Samsung JU6740 are the same TV, with only difference of color Black / Grey
These are mid-range models, the best in the 6000 series, the PQI is 1200Hz and incorporates the DVB-S2, also improves other models with some extras such as remote Smart TM1560A.

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These are all models of the 6000 series available: midrange. We recommend you read our review of each model:

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