Friday, May 29, 2015

What TV 40-50 inches should you buy in 2015?

Televisions sizes between 40 and 50 inches are the most common currently, the recommended distance is 2-5 meters. What TV 40-50 inches is better in 2015? we recommend what you should buy.
You can visit our TV buying guide 2015 to decide which features are more suited to your needs.

Best TV 40 to 50 inches:
As are the most common sizes have available any TV in this range: 4K, Curved 3D ... We can find models from £500-£2000. We present some of the most recommended models.

The best models Ultra HD with Smart (3D):
  • Samsung JS9000 / JS8500: probably the best television less than 50 inches that we can buy in 2015, but costs about £1,700 in 48 inches. (review)
  • Samsung JU7500: between expensive TVs, one of the best ways to not spend a small fortune, the image quality is good and has Smart and 3D (review)
  • Panasonic CX700B: good TV 4K good price (review).
  • LG UF850V: 4k-TV complete with extras Good Smart WebOS 2.0 and passive 3D. The image quality is not as good as in the other models (review)
Best FullHD 2015 models:
  • W808C Sony: 3D models with good, good image and the new Smart Android. (review)
  • Samsung J6300: curved screen, with Smart Tizen, but not 3D, good image quality. (review)
The cheaper models FullHD 2015:
  • Samsung J5500: cheaper SmartTV 2015, the image quality is good. (review)
  • Sony W605B: model 2014 with good image, Smart TV, not 3D, priced under their value. (review)
We have listed some of the most significant models of both: FullHD and 4K. If you want a big screen, good image quality and good price, we recommend the model W605B 2014, Smart worst but very good overall.
As we place the midrange Samsung J6300 / J6200 with the Sony W805C, two good models at reasonable price. If your budget is high, great TV is the JU7500 without reaching the £1,500 of JS Samsung.
  • Samsung JU7500 (48) £1,600
  • Sony W808C (43-50) for £800-£1,000
  • Sony W605B (48) £590

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