Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Samsung Smart TV 2015: our opinion (Tizen)

The Smart TV is the platform that allows you to access the Internet with the TV (must be connected to the router via Wi-Fi or cable). The Smart TV is important, but shouldn't be the determining factor.
The Samsung Smart TV 2015 TIZEN improving the previous system: easier and faster. The system works really well and it is easy to use, especially with the remote Smart Control. The Quad-Core / Octa-Core processor provides good response time and the OS works well.

I am hidden

Smart screen appears at the bottom as an icon, not full screen as the system in 2014, which makes it easy to watch TV while accessing applications.

In terms of applications available it is not yet at the level of 2014 but we expect Tizen more complete soon. It features web browser.

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