Wednesday, June 17, 2015

LG Smart 2015: webOS 2.0 (the best in 2015)

The Smart Platform allows you to connect to the Internet through the TV, provides access to applications and browse the Internet. Each brand has its own system SmatTV, in this case 2015 LG introduced the webOS 2.0, the evolution of the system 2014 that it was quite good.
Not everything is the Smart TV:
The WebOS of LG 2015 improves the 2014 system, especially in speed. The webOS is simple and intuitive, so that other brands have copied the format (or have reached the same conclusion). The icons appear at the bottom and allows moving from one application to another page without closing the previous one. LG webOS system manages to integrate the platform as a part of the TV.

The remote control works as a pointer: "Magic Remote", this works very well for large icons, something more difficult to point to small targets.
Mando magic control AN-MR500
AN-MR500 (

LG greatly improved its system in 2014 and in 2015 doesn't need a revolution, just improve the speed, one of the most criticized aspects last year. Our conclusion is that this is probably the best Smart 2015. Video Smart webOS

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