Tuesday, August 18, 2015

LG UF695V: Good IPS TV 2015 with 4K resolution

The LG UF695V is a TV with 4K resolution 2015. This model is not very common and it is not easy to find in stores. The UF695V does not include 3D, but it incorporates Smart webOS. In picture quality, the highlight is the Ultra resolution, and it also offers a good rescaling necessary to view content: fullHD in this TV. It is a TV with extras such as remote control pointer, good connectors (HDMI 2.0?¿) and good refresh rate: 700Hz (although the panel believe is 50Hz).
Technical / Specifications:
Screen Size: 43, 49, 55 and 60 inches.
Technology:  IPS Edge LED 
Resolution: Ultra HD 3840x2160
3D: -
MCI: 700Hz
Refresh rate (real): 50Hz
Processor: Triple XD Engine
Smart TV: webOS 1.0
  • 3x HDMI
  • 3x USB
  • Audio 10W?
View all specifications (LG website)

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Design LG UF695V:
LG UF695V (lg.com/it)

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Conclusion (verdict):
Our opinion about the LG LG UF695V ...

Model Name: What's the meaning of the name of LG 2015 TV?
  • LG 49UF695V
  • LG 55UF695V
  • LG 60UF695V
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