Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Samsung J5500 vs LG LF630V

The difference between these two models is remarkable. The LG LF630V is a Smart TV without 3D. It is FullHD resolution and IPS panel. The Samsung Smart J5500 is not 3D. The resolution is full HD and it has VA panel. We can see at once that the main difference is the type of panel.

Difference Samsung J5500 and LG LF630V 

The panel VA Samsung, has better contrast so it is more advisable if we watch TV in the dark, on the other hand: they are TVs that you have to see from the front, because if we see them from the side image quality, low quickly .
The LG IPS panel offers wider viewing angle and a (less strident) perhaps more natural color. The contrast is lower although this defect is attenuated with MicroDimming of the models from 43 inches.
Besides the type of panel the LG has more Hz, the PMI is 400 / 800Hz depending on screen size.
The SmartTV of the two models is fine, although we believe the LG webOS 2.0 is the best of 2015.


These are two televisions recommended, although the Samsung generally recommended for all types of uses and locations (bright or dark), do not recommend the Samsung J5500 if you have to see it from the side.
If your main use is to watch sports or action movies and do not usually watch TV in the dark the LG is more appropriate, adding that gains in viewing angle.

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