Thursday, October 1, 2015

What TV to buy on Black Friday 2015?

This Friday November 27, comes the Black Friday, the day of sale, mainly in electronics worldwide. Many of the usual shops will offer the entire weekend, Friday-Saturday-Sunday and finishes with cybermonday.

Post updated: TV advice during December 2016 (Christmas)

We recommend you: which TV is better to buy according to this day and offers according to your needs. If you're not sure what kind of TV you need we recommend you visit our TV Buying Guide.

Each store will put on sale a few interesting models that we're going to recommend in this post. For now you can get an idea of the usual price of televisions most recommend to your needs, as Black Friday offers will appear the new price to see if it really is an interesting discount.

Cheaper TVs recommended for Black Friday:

Amazon Regular Price:

40-43” 47-50” 55”
LG LF580V £369.00 £499.00 £626.80
Samsung J5500 £358.15 £431.55 £672.40
Panasonic CS520B £359.00 £519.00 £789.00

Recommended mid-range TVs Black Friday a little for everything:

Amazon Regular Price:

40-43” 47-50” 55”
LG LF652V £398.99 £579.00 £744.14
Samsung J6200 £419.00 £548.00 £758.89
Panasonic CS620B £406.01 - £729.99

Recommended Blackfriday TVs for Gamers:

Amazon Regular Price:

40-43” 47-50” 55”
Sony W805C £499.00 £624.99 £849.00
Samsung JU7000 £759.00 £978.99 £1,144.99

TV's "High End" Recommended for: Black Friday:

Amazon Regular Price:

40-43” 47-50” 55”
Sony X8505C - - £979.99
Samsung JS8500 - £1,119.00 £1,477.00

These are the models that we recommend in general, if you have questions you can consult in the blog comments and we will try to help you.


Buy a TV during Black Friday is a good idea, but do not going crazy, it is likely that some stores raise the price and then make the offer and the price is not actually lowered. Some stores only offer lower models are not sold too for output so we recommend visiting our view model they offer before you buy, because we have a post for all televisions for sale in UK (or almost all ).

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