Sunday, November 1, 2015

What TV to buy in November 2015?


Post updated: TV advice during December 2016 (Christmas)

In this post we will advise the best TVs available in three categories: low range, mid range and high end. If ustes not know that television is best suitable for you, we recommend you to visit our:
TV buying guide.

What TV to buy in November 2015?

We recommend you choose a suitable screen size and fixed a maximum budget.

Low-end TV: FullHD

We recommend the Panasonic CS520B if your budget is low, it's a TV where it's best image quality and little more of a TV to watch TV. Smart features is older, if you want a quality picture and better Smart platform we recommend you buying the Samsung J5500.

Mid-range TV: Full HD / 4K

In this case we recommend a Sony fullHD and Panasonic 4K resolution. Both have a right SmartTV but not the best. The picture quality is good and they featured 3D technology.

High-end TV:

The high-end TVs we recommend are not the best of the best because wich price is exaggerated. If you want to buy the best TV and you don't matter the budget we recommend looking for the Samsung JS9500.
Our recommendation to high-end TV to November 2015 are the Samsung JS8500 and Panasonic CX802 , both are TVs with high picture quality and reasonable price in 55-inch Samsung.


These are our general recommendations for all users, although there are many models and we have discussed in our blog. You can leave a comment or look for your model on our blog.

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