Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Samsung KS8000 vs JS8500: comparative

The model Samsung KS8000 is 2016, and the JS8500 2015. Both models will be on sale during 2016 and also in 2017 the KS8000.
These two models are high-end 4K resolution and compatible with HDR are two similar televisions but there are some differences besides the design.

What is the difference between Samsung JS8000 and KS8000?

The main difference in picture quality is only the new models KS8500 and KS8000 2016 obtained the "Ultra HD Premium" certification. This means that the model has not JS8500 peak brightness high enough. The KS8500 and KS8000 can reach at least 1000 nits maximum brightness, almost double the JS8500, we will notice This is the HDR images that will be most dramatic in the new models.

The main difference in extras, is that the model 2015 JS8500 includes 3D technology. The 2016 models doesn't incorporate it, every year the 3D is being abandoned by most manufacturers and users, fewer models include it.

Both models feature Smart Tizen but in the KS models functions as IoT (SmartThings) are incorporated. There are other less significant difference as some over PQI or more power Audio.

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