Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Difference Panasonic DX700B vs DX750B vs DX780E

TVs from Panasonic DX700 2016 series are the lowest range 4K resolution with HDR support, none of these models is 10bits. The only 10-bit HDR this year is the DX902B.
What is HDR on a TV?
These models are: DX700B, DX750B and DX780B. All are mid-range and have a good platform Smart, 4K resolution, HDR support 8bit, and as image enhancement technology have Local Dimmnig, but may fail a little black images in very dark environments.

The difference between Panasonic DX780 and DX750 only the design is (+ dual tuner in DX780B) are two TVs with 4K-3D HDR compatibility. There are no other differences, these models are available in 50, 58 and 65 inches.

The difference with the DX700 is that it has the "Panel super bright", also has something less than BMR: 1800Hz, so the DX700 is a step below in picture quality, screen size available is 40, 50 and 58 inches and this does not include 3D.


The DX750 / DX780 offers good value quality, design and price, while the DX700 offers the opportunity to buy a 4K-HDR without spending too much.

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