Wednesday, April 20, 2016

List of all input lag 2016-2017 TV in UK

The input lag is one of the most important things for those who want to buy a TV to play the PS4 or PC. We will present our list with approximate values of input lag in Game Mode. To guide you these are the recommended values:
-35ms For true gamers
35-45 for gamers
45-65ms for casual players
+ 65ms for non gamers

2016 models:


Sony XD9305 50ms
Sony XD8505 35ms
Sony WD750 30ms
Sony WD650 40ms


Samsung KS9500 22ms
Samsung KS9000 24ms
Smausng KS8000 21ms
Smausng KS7500 22ms
Samsung KS7000 22ms
Samsung KU6500 28ms
Samsung KU6400 27ms
Samsung KU6000 20ms
Samsung K6300 45ms
Samsung K5500 25ms 


Panasonic DX902B 36ms
Panasonic DX802B 34ms
Panasonic DX750B 45-50ms
Panasonic DX700B 55ms (30ms?¿?)
Panasonic DX600B 50ms


LG UH850V 45ms
LG UH770V 38ms
LG UH668V 30ms
LG UH650V 40ms
LG UH625V 40ms
LG UH620V 40ms
LG LH590V 30ms
LG LH5100 35ms

2015 input lag

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