Wednesday, April 6, 2016

What TV to buy in April 2016?


In this month already they hit the stores new models in 2016, which were presented in January. These models go on sale with a price higher than its value so we do not recommend buying new TV 2016 until a few months... June-July.
If you are not sure that specifications must have your new TV we recommend you first read our: TV buying guide.

What TV to buy in April 2016?

Best TV does not exist, since it depends on the uses that you'll give the situation where you put the size that best suits, your budget ... us anyway we recommend some of what we consider best in different categories.

Best FullHD:

If you've decided on a full HD TV we will recommend the Samsung J6200, it is an ideal place to see the front, with good resolution and good panel TV. Also good for sports and Smart. This TV is not recommended for gamers.

Best Full HD for gamers:

If you want a good FullHD to play the PS4 I recommend the Sony W808C or any of its "brothers": W805C, W807C, W809C.

4K moderately priced:

4K models are a bit more expensive, if we take into account only the image quality we will recommend a Panasonic model as the CX700B or CX680B good image quality 4K for the price they have. These models begin to run out so it is not easy to find in stores.

4K average price:

One d elos most recommended of the year TVs, good image quality, good Smart, good for gamers, ... reasonable price: Samsung JU7000

High-end 4K:

The best models of 2015 sales in 2016 are on sale during this very month. This section of the best TVs found the Sony X8505C , Panasonic CX802B and Samsung or JS9000 JS8000.

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