Monday, June 13, 2016

LG UH625V UH668V UH650V (comparative)

The LG models 4K TVs 6000 series are midrange with best resolution: 4K. HDR support but are not 10bit so it is limited. 2016 LG models we mentioned have many features in common. They are webOS 3.0 Smart TV without 3D, like most models of this year.

Differences LG models UH625V, UH650V and UH668V

These are the main mid-range model 4K, the "LH" models like the LH604V are FullHD resolution.
These models have IPS screen so well adapted to situations of light and have a good viewing angle, as well as natural colors and good definition, also with fast moving images like sports. There are some notable differences between these models.

The LG UH625V is the cheapest model LG UltraHD resolution for 2016 is slightly lower PMI: 1200Hz, this TV has only one USB port, does not include Bluetooth. In picture quality does not include ColorPrime technology used to achieve more realistic colors.

The LG UH650V is a model with ColorPime technology, and TrueBlack, just over PMI, includes 2 USB ports. 55-65 inch models include LocalDimming.

The LG UH668V is identical in picture quality to UH650V, the main difference lies in the design of the base, also has better audio system, and the Smart control included.

These models are very similar to each other, the most notable difference is between the different screen sizes, where the models 43 and 49 inches are somewhat lower in PMI and some technologies, besides riding DirectLED panels instead of LED Edge.



These are the most representative of the mid-range TVs LG 2016, but other models in the 6000 series of LG 4K resolution, as arrive in stores add our full reviews and the difference with the other models. Some of the weaknesses that we highlight is the USB 2.0 because it limits a bit to display 4K content, if you want a good TV midrange best Smart should you buy one of these models, if you want a TV slightly higher we recommend find the LG UH770V.

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