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What TV to buy in July 2016?


What TV to buy during the month of July 2016 ?. At this time of year there are few remaining 2015 models, so we recommend buying models 2016. This is year of  the European Championships and the Olympics games reason why almost all electronics stores inundate with televisions advertisings.

Recommended televisions July 2016

In this post we recommend some of the best models value in our personal opinion, please visit our full review of each model.

Cheap FullHD TVs

More about the best FullHD 2016
The TVs are cheaper models with FullHD resolution, among these televisions can find some very economical as the LG LH5100 or other more expensive as Samsung K6300.
  • LG LH510V: A very cheap TV, recommended for those who want a TV just to watch TV. Available in 43-inch at £379.35
  • Samsung K5500: average price, £800 in 55 inches, good Smart and correct image.
  • Samsung K6300: one of the best FullHD the year with curve screen. Too expensive in our opinion. We recommend looking model J6200 or J6300 last year, up £150 cheaper.

Cheap 4K TVs:

More on cheaper 4K 2016
Most models this year are 4K. TVs with ultra resolution recommended are:
  • LG UH625V: One of the 4K cheaper, good image quality, especially if you do not see it in the dark, best Smart platform. £1000 available in 55 inches. The UH770V model is better but costs about £400 more.
  • Samsung KU6400: better than LG UH625V, especially in contrast so it is more suitable for watching movies in the dark. Good Smart. £900 available in 55 inches.
  • Panasonic DX700B: Although slightly more expensive offers good image quality, the Smart is right.

Value for money 4K TVs:

More on best TV value for money
All are high-end televisions, but not the best because normally the top models are priced above its value. These models are the low range of the best TVs of the year
  • Samsung KS7000: in our opinion one of the best TVs of the year, probably the best. (£1200 in 49 "). The KS8000 model costs about £250 more.
  • LG UH770V: we believe it has better value for money than the top model UH850V. The image quality is not good in contrast, good Smart and good viewing angle, ideal for the whole family. £1300 available in 55 inches
  • Panasonic DX750B: Good image quality, correct Smart. The price is higher than the other models. In 50 inches at £1100 

Best TV 2016:

These models are the best of the year, all cost more than £1800 55 inches but are available in larger sizes. Resolution 4K 10bit HDR support.
  • Samsung KS9000: Good Smart, excellent image quality with VA panel. Good for gamers. £2000 55". The KS9500 model is superior but the smallest size is 65 inches.
  • Sony XD9305: This is the only Sony on this list. the image quality is very good, one of the best of the year. The Smart is somewhat lower than the competition. At 55 inches £2100 
  • LG UH950V: The only flat-top range with IPS panel, this is clearly a drawback in contrast, although these models Top get mitigate the problem. For against the best to watch from the side and very good Smart. Price £1800  in 55 inches.
  • Panasonic DX900B: quality, definition, contrast and uniformity of the panel is excellent. The Smart is good. It is not available in most stores and the price is exorbitant (£2600), at least for now. We recommend checking the model with excellent image DX800E although the panel is not 10bits, innovative design (£1800).


In conclusion we note that it is no coincidence that so few models Sony appear on this list. The low-end Sony models do not include Android TV (which is not the best) and some of the 4K are IPS that lack contrast. We recommend buying a FullHD 2015 Sony W808C if you are gamer or Samsung J6200 if you prefer a good Smart.
On 4K TVs we chose Samsung models, both midrange KU6400 as High KS7000 / KS8000, although the Panasonic DX750B is very good too.
The top models are all excellent and the choice depends on your priorities as the price is quite similar, except Panasonic, which are more expensive.

The price of all the models we have shown is indicative, we suggest compare prices on Amazon before buying a new TV.

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