Wednesday, May 31, 2017

What TV to buy in June-July 2017?

In this post we recommend some of the models that you should look for if you want to buy a TV during July 2017. As of this month most of 2017 models are already in stores, but at a price usually a little higher than its value . When is the best time of year to buy a TV?
In 2017 the best TVs are OLED and its price is over £2800 in 55 inches.

FullHD (Under £500 in 43 ")

Few models are even fullHD which is a reserved resolution to the low range of each brand. A good option to have a cheap, with Internet connection above all to watch the DTT.
  • Samsung K5500: (2016) Good for rooms with and without light, better to watch from the front.
  • LG LH590V: (2016) Good viewing angle, not recommended for watching in the dark.

Cheap TV 4K (Under £1000 in 49 ")

The current resolution, compatible with HDR but these can not reproduce it in all its splendor. Ideal for all types of families, movies, sport, Netflix, ...
  • LG UH770V: (2016) Good Smart and good image quality if we don't watch movies in the dark. Excellent viewing angle, ideal for families.
  • Samsung KS7000: (2016) Best Value TVs 2016. Not to watch from the side. Price similar to UH770V. Good for gamers
  • Samsung MU6400: (2017) TV recommended for its good image, good connectivity, good Smart. Better to watch from front and also for gamers. Lower image quality and more expensive, but it's a 2017 model.

Televisions 4K HDR 10 bits

The best TVs, recommended for the most demanding users. We recommend buying the 2016 models or waiting for the 2017 TV prices to drop.
  • Samsung KS9000: (2016) One of the best LCD-LEDs of 2016 at a low price if you still find it in stores. Curved screen.
  • LG B7V: (2017) OLED, the most economical with this LG technology in 2017. The old model of this 2016 is the B6, very similar and cheaper at the moment.


Although they are already in stores, the new TVs 2017, most of the models we recommend for July 2017 are still 2016. Prices are very low and improvements, in image quality and technologies like Smart, have not been Important this year.

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