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Best TV 40-43 inches 2016-2017

Most of 2016-2017 TV models are available in sizes 40 or 43 inch, except higher end models where the minimum is 49-50 inches. We will suggest which are the best TV you can buy at this size.

Recommended viewing distance 2 to 3m, for more information visit our TV buying guide 2017.

We have chosen the best televisions offered for each brand at this size: LG UH650V, Samsung KU6400*, Sony XD8505 , Philips PUS6501 and Panasonic DX700B. It has some aspects in common: 4K resolution, Smart, NO3D, midrange, ...

Best TV 40-43" 2016-2017

LG UH650V: IPS Panel good viewing angle, good Smart. The best in Smart, for sports and not very dark environments. Lowest price.

Samsung KU6400: VA panel with good contrast, good Smart. This is one of the best TVs for money, good in all aspects, except if we have to watch from the sides. The KU6450, KU6500, KU6510 .. models are very similar with especially differences in design. Average price.

Sony XD8305: IPS Panel, Smart bad. It is a real good TV with 100Hz but more expensive than the competition. Variants are XD8005, XD8077, ...

Panasonic DX700B: Panel VA, is well suited to dark environments but the viewing angle is reduced, ordinary Smart. You can not compete with the best TVs in the year but offers very good value especially price-image. Expensive and available in a few shops.

Philips PUS6501: One of the best IPS. standard Smart. Although not as much as other brands sell this model of Philips if it is highly recommended.

* The upper KS7000 model is offered in 49 inches but there is a curved model KS7500 43 "is the best of the year in this size.

Approximate prices online stores in 40-43 inches
  • LG UH650V: £500
  • Samsung KU6400: £450
  • Sony XD8305: £700 
  • Panasonic DX700B: £480
  • Philips PUS6501: £380


Most of mid-range models are available in 40-43 inches, but the high-end start at 49-50 inches. Among the models reviewed highlight the Samusng Ku6400 as the most balanced, the DX700B as good picture quality and LG as best Smart, and this has better viewing angle.

If we are interested in a curved screen highlight the best TV 2016 is the 43-inch Samsung KS7500

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