Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Sony AndroidTV 7.0 Smart 2017

Almost all Sony TVs include Smart, the platform used to access applications, connect to the Internet, etc.

Sony has been using the Android platform for their Smarts for a few years now. This platform despite being from Google seems to be somewhat slow compared to the systems used by Samsung and LG. It is not sturdy and does not work as fluidly.

AndroidTV 7.0

We still expect a lot from Android but we have not yet seen it live up to the competition. This 2017 Sony announces that it will update its system to AndroidTV 2017 but we do not know when this update will arrive. As new features appear new applications and enhancement of some features like multitasking menu, application recording, new menus to manage recordings, ... We have not been able to test it but above all we hope it is more stable.
One of the aspects where it improves to the competition is the search by voice within applications like YouTube with the remote control of the touchpad, really effective. By cons is one of the system where it is heavier to navigate its menus. It has many applications available, although most will never use them.

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