Tuesday, January 17, 2017

All TV Sony 2017 lineup UK

In this post you can find all models of televisions 2017 Sony. This post will be updated as the models appear in stores. The new TVs are not in stores until spring so we recommend you check out the 2016 models on sale during the first half of 2017.

What's New in Sony 2017 TVs?
Sony bets on an OLED TV after the 2016 Z9: the A1. In addition to its 4K high-compatibility sounds with HDR10, DolbyVision and future HLG update. The Smart platform updates an Android M and updates an Android N.
Name of the TV Sony 2017

4K UltraHD

HDR 10 y Dolby Vision, 4K UltraHD, 
(Hybrid Log-Gamma HLG ¿update summer?)
XE94 Review
  • Sony 75XE9405
XE93 Review
  • Sony 55XE9405
  • Sony 65XE9405
XE90 Review
  • Sony 49XE9005
  • Sony 55XE9005
  • Sony 65XE9005
  • Sony 75XE9005
XE85 Review
  • Sony 55XE8505
  • Sony 65XE8505
  • Sony 75XE8505
XE80 Review
  • Sony 43XE8005
  • Sony 49XE8005
  • Sony 55XE8005
XE70 Review
  • Sony 43XE7073
  • Sony 49XE7073
  • Sony 55XE7073


WE75 Review
  • Sony 43WE753
  • Sony 49WE753
WE66 Review
  • Sony 40WE663
  • Sony 49WE663

HD Ready

WE61 Review
  • Sony 32WE613
  • Sony 40RE45
  • Sony 49WE75


HDR 10 y Dolby Vision, 4K UltraHD
  • Sony 55A1
  • Sony 65A1
  • Sony 75A1
Check our list with Sony 2016 LED TV on sale during the first half of 2017.

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