Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Difference Samsung MU6100 MU6400 MU6500 MU6000 MU6200

The Samsung MU6 series of 2017 includes mid-range Smart TVs with 4K resolution (ultraHD). The models in this range are top sales every year. They share several features like 4K resolution, HDR, 8Bit VA panel, they are not 3D. The top 10bits panel is available from the 7000 series. The Smart is the same across the range: Tizen.

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Samsung MU6000 Series Differences

The main difference between these TVs is the design of the screen: Flat / Curved
* The flat models have some screen sizes with VA panel and other PLS, in the complete opinion of each model you can find the differences between sizes.

The most economical is the Samsung KU6100 with flat screen and Pur Color technology, which is slightly lower than the ActiveColor. UHDDimming works well but it is also somewhat inferior.
The Samsung MU6200 is the same as the MU6100 but with the curved screen and the own technology of curved screens: Autodepth.
The top range is the Samsung MU6400, the evolution of one of the most sold and recommended in 2016. It includes improved reproduction and color accuracy (Active Color) while maintaining the 8bits panel. It also has a little more PQI (1500Hz) for fast moving images even though the panel is kept at 50Hz.
The Samsung MU6500 is the same as the MU6400 but with curved screen.

The price in 55 inches is around  ‎£1,000. The price varies depending on: model, shop, sales, ....


These models share several features and the main difference between them is on the Curve / Flat screen and the color reproduction Active/PurColor, we recommend you buy the Samsung MU6400 as it is a little higher and the price difference is minimal, but any of these models are more than enough for the average users. We do not recommend any of these models if you are going to watch the TV from the sides as its viewing angle is reduced.

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