Thursday, May 4, 2017

Choosing TV OLED B7 vs C7

The most affordable LG OLED TVs for 2018 are the B7 and the C7. These are the same TV picture quality and the difference lies in the design and audio system. They are excellent televisions to watch movies with wide viewing angle one of the best Smart, etc. These are the most recommended TVs of the year if your budget is high. It seems that in most stores the price is almost the same, a little less the B7.

Audio is somewhat higher in the C7 because it includes Dolby Vision ™ Audio. If you want to enjoy home theater, we think it is better to buy an external audio system.

Well although in image quality are very similar the new models improve a bit the maximum brightness to reproduce HDR, although they are not up to the best LCD-LED is not a real problem for most users who want to play HDR content.
The B7 inputlag is less than 30ms and the C bit more than 30ms in Game Mode (according to the American web)

OLED Problems
Image retention is not a common problem, but if it happens has automatic compensation cycles to clean the panel. These retentions can appear if we have still images such as PC monitor or channel logos.


Recommended Price:
  • 55C7: £3100
  • 65C7: £4700
  • 55B7: £3000
  • 65B7: £4500


The two TVs are "equal" we think it is a good idea to buy cheaper from both and choose a good external audio system if we want a home theater. On the problems of the OLED nothing at all if we are going to make a habitual domestic use, we do not recommend them for shops or bars.

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