Thursday, May 4, 2017

Comparison Samsung MU9000 vs MU8000 vs MU7000

All of these televisions are 2017-2018 high-end LCD-LEDs with Smart, these share most technical specifications and characteristics of the mid-high range, the panel is 10bits VA with 100Hz frequency. They are televisions that reproduce a good range of colors and offer good contrast, the quality of image degrades quickly if we see it from the sides. They are 4K TVs compatible with HDR10 and include dual tuner, OneConnect mini, SmartTV TIZEN, ...

Difference between Samsung MU9000 vs MU8000 vs MU7000

The main difference is that the MU9000 model is curved and the other two are flat. The curved TVs are almost exclusive to Samsung this 2017 and 2018.
In similar image quality, they use Dynamic Crystal Color and the panel is 100Hz, superior to the 6000 series. The PQI does vary but we do not believe it is significant.
The Samsung MU7000 does not have the UltraBlack technology, which allows MU8000 and MU9000 to present deeper blacks. In addition the Dimming system controls more zones and offers something more of maximum brightness. We can say that there is a jump in image quality from MU7000 to MU8000.
* There are differences in 49-inch models (? 8bits, not UltraBlack?)

Audio power is 40W and all models use the same system


The screen size starts at 49 inches on the MU7000 and MU8000, while the MU9000 starts at 55 inches. The MU9000 is curved and the other two are flat. MU7000 base is a base with two legs.

Recommended Price 55 inches:
  • Samsung MU7000: 1500£
  • Samsung MU8000: 1700£
  • Samsung MU9000: 1900£

Are they better than the Samsung 2016: KS7000 KS8000 and KS9000?
Our fast response is no. These are more similar to the KU6000 models of 2017 than to the KS.


As we have already mentioned, the biggest difference is the curved screen of the MU9000. The technical differences are minimal, being the UltraBlack technology that does not include the MU7000 the most remarkable. In general they are recommended televisions to see from the front, in any situation of light and for all type of contents. If you find the TV KS7000 (2016) we recommend to buy it before these new TVs 2017.

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