Monday, February 20, 2017

LG webOS 3.5: Smart Platform 2017

LG webOS 3.5 is the new update of LG Smart platform for 2017. From the outset we see that it is an update, they have not made a new system since webOS 3.0 was already one of the best.

The Smart platform is what our TV uses to connect to the Internet, access content on demand, see Youtube, connect smartphone to the TV and access more applications. Currently almost all TVs include SmartTV, also low-end.

What improvements does webOS 3.5 present?
In general it is a system that improves the speed, since it improves the Hardware of the TVs. This is the best or one of the best Smart TV systems in terms of speed. As for the simplicity of use can be programmed some buttons of the command to create "shortcuts" to the applications that we use more.
The LG Magic Remote is really useful, allows you to point to the screen to select applications without using the keys. There is also a microphone for voice commands. This remote is not available on all models.

WebOS lags behind Samsung Tizen in number of applications available, although it does have the main ones.

Some new features, waiting to try them out, such as: "Magic Link", 360º or improving some of the 3.0 like "Magic Zoom".

This is simply an update and the operation will be good. * The information we have indicates that the 2016 TVs will not be upgraded to the new platform.

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