Thursday, February 16, 2017

Panasonic EX750B: The cheapest 3D TV 2018

The Panasonic EX750B TV is a 2017 model of good quality and high price. The panel is VA at 100Hz, good for watching movies in the dark and images with fast movements like sports. Audio is correct, but if you want a good audio quality you have to buy an external system, as in all current TVs. The brightness does not reach the level of the tops models so the best HDR content is not up to the best of the year, on the other hand it reproduces very well all types of HD and SD content. In Design we highlight the novelty of being able to adjust the height of the TV.

Technical / Specifications:

Specs and comments are of the specific product,
the same model can undergo important variations
Screen: 50, 58, 65 and 75 inches. Flat
TechnologyLCD-LED EdgeLED
Panel: VA 10bits
Resolution: 4K UHD 3840x2160
3D: -
BMR: 2400Hz
Smart TVMyHomeScreen 2.0
  • 4x HDMI (HDCP 2.2)
  • 3x USB (1x 3.0)
  • USB-HDD Recording
  • Dual / Triple Tuner
  • Audio: 20W VR-Audio True Surround
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The Panasonic EX750B is VA so its viewing angle is reduced, we recommend this TV to watch especially from the front. The depth of the blackest blacks is good, although it is not up to the OLED, it is good to use in light or dark rooms.

It is a very good TV for 4K content and good for SDR too. Good contrast for cinema and MotionFlow for sports. It includes 3D so if you are looking for a TV with this technology there is not much to choose from. Inputlag is good for gamers. A TV for all kinds of uses.

Design Panasonic EX750B:

Alternative to Panasonic EX750B?

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Our opinion Panasonic EX750B (veredict):

Our opinion on the Panasonic EX750B is good for its image quality and is poor for its high price. We think this is a TV recommended for those who feel something special by the Panasonic brand, since it is a quality TV and with a good image but more expensive than others with the same characteristics of the competition. This TV is recommended for those who want a 3D TV or look for an extensible base, want quality to watch movies in the dark, sports etc .. Its price is high and we recommend you other brands like Samsung.

Model Name: Name of 2017 Panasonic
  • Panasonic 50EX750B
  • Panasonic 58EX750B
  • Panasonic 65EX750B
  • Panasonic 75EX750B

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