Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Comparison Samsung MU7000 vs MU6400

These two models are mid-range 2017. They share some of the main features: They are compatible with 4K, HDR10, VA flat screen and have a good Smart Tizen.

Samsung MU6400 vs MU7000 

  • Screen Size: The top model, MU7000 is available from 49 "so the MU6400 is the best 40-43 inch TV that Samsung presents this 2017.
  • Panel Type: Compared models are EdgeLED VA, offer good contrast and reduced viewing angle. The MU6400 has an 8-bit panel and the 10-bit MU7000, so it is capable of reproducing a greater range of colors, especially the HDR.
  • Image Quality: The MU7000 is superior in this aspect thanks to its better panel and Dynamic Color technology, the MU6400 is ActiveColor or Peak Illuminator Pro. It is also somewhat superior in Hz.
  • Connectivity: Both have the current ports, but the MU7000 includes 3 USB ports and 4 HDMI on the OneConncetMini device. It also has a dual tuner.
  • Audio: 40W on the top model and 20W on the MU6400.

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Recommended 49 "price:
  • Samsung MU6400: £800
  • Samsung MU7000: £1100



The price of the MU7000 is 30% higher, and that price difference is a lot of difference. We think the Samsung MU7000 is clearly superior in every way, except for its value for money. For most users, high quality HDR content is not important, nor will they notice significant differences for normal use, so we recommend saving and buying the Samsung MU6400. If you are freak of the image quality, you see HDR10 content or you have the PS4pro yes we recommend you to make a quality jump and buy the MU7000.

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