Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Difference LG SJ850V SJ810V

These LG TVs are high-end LCD-LED technology along with the SJ950V which is more expensive. The denomination that LG gives to this series is NanoCell.

The SJ850V is available in 55 ", 60" and 65 "screen sizes, while the SJ810V adds the 49" model. They are two very similar televisions although the superior one includes a better LocalDimming: "Local Advanced Dimming", although it is Difficult to appreciate the difference since the panel technology is the same: EdgeLED The range of colors you can reproduce is similar and of course include the same Smart, Magic Control, HDR10 and Dolby Vision compatibility ...
As for 4K resolution the SJ810 is RGBW panel and the SJ850 is RGB. Audio is the other difference. The LG SJ850V has 40W per 20W of the SJ810V


The back is white in the SJ850V and slightly narrower. The SJ810V, the base is the same crescent-shaped and the back is gray.
The price is very similar, in some stores is even cheaper the top model if you find it on offer so we recommend looking for either of the two TVs for a recommended price in 55 inches of about £1400 (summer 2017), although the SJ850V usually costs about £100 more

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