Thursday, July 12, 2018

LG SK8500 vs SK8100: comparison

LG SK8 models are LED TVs with Nanocell technology. These TVs are high-end, but not the best of the year that are LG C8, B8 OLED, etc.

Most technical specifications are very similar and have the same Smart platform: webOS 4.0.

The two TVs are IPS so they offer a good viewing angle and enough brightness to play a good HDR, it has 4K resolution but the main difference is in the panel lighting, very important aspect to control the light of the screen, the LG SK8500 is FullArray so you can control the lighting by areas of the screen, while the SK8100 is EdgeLED and illuminates from the edge. As extras the connectivity is the same but the superior model includes more sound power.

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