Wednesday, April 18, 2018

What Smart 2018 is better?

The SmartTV platform is the "smart" part of the TV. Currently, among all (or almost all) televisions include this platform and each brand has its own system. The Smart platform allows us to access the Internet, use applications, talk to the TV, share a mobile screen, access menus, ...

It must be made clear that surfing with a TV is not the same as doing it with a computer or SmartPhone, it is much more cumbersome and we think that the main use are some applications such as YouTube or Internet TV platforms.
The platforms are:
  • Samsung: Tizen
  • LG: webOS
  • Panasonic: MyHomeScreen
  • Sony: AndroidTV
For a few years in terms of stability and fluidity the Samsung and LG are superior, also have more applications than the rest. Android is expected to update the system to AndroidTV 8.0 this year but for now the system is not very fluid. MyHomeScreen by Panasonic has fewer applications available.

We consider as one of the most important aspects the TV-on-demand applications that are available.
NetFlix: Tizen, webOS, MyHomeScreen, AndroidTV
HBO: Tizen

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