Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Samsung NU7100 vs NU8000

The Samsung NU8000 is a superior TV in picture quality, both TVs are 2018 with VA panel: good for viewing in the dark or with light, also include a good Smart platform.

There is a difference in picture quality specifications between the 7000 series and Samsung's 8000 series 2018. The panel is 50Hz in the lower series and 100Hz in the RefreshRate in the NU8000 (except the 49 "). clearly lower since the NU8000 reaches 1000nits and the NU7100 does not reach 500nits.In color depth the two are compatible with 10bits but the NU7100 is 8bits + FRC.The audio is 40W in the top model and 20W in the 7000 series.

Both series have more than one model although the differences between them is not significant and focuses more on the color or design of the base and some extras such as the remote control.
As a conclusion we can say that the Samsung NU8000 is better, but its price is really superior, we recommend the NU8000 if you have no budget problems, but you have to know that the price difference in 55" can reach £400

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