Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Samsung NU8070 Difference with NU8000?

The Samsung NU8070 is a good TV 2018-2019 of medium-high range that presents a good image quality and good Smart platform. It is a TV suitable for all kinds of uses and for any lighting situation, ideal for watching movies in the dark or sports in bright rooms. The only counter is that its angle and vision is somewhat reduced.

The Samsung NU8070 is the same TV as the Samsung NU8000 with small differences, especially design: the color of the front frame is Carbon Silver the NU8070 and Eclipse Silver the NU8000. It also includes the remote control One Remote Premium TM1890A.

As we can watch the difference is minimal so we recommend you buy the one you find of offer of the two or choose the TV that by color is better suited to the decoration of your living room. We recommend you read our full review of the Samsung NU8000 which is the same opinion we have for this TV.

There is also the curved version of these televisions: The Samsung NU8500 that shares the main specifications.

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