Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Sony OLED A1: our 2018 review

The Sony A1 is an OLED TV for sale in 2018, although it is a model that is on the market since 2017. This is a TV with excellent picture quality, like all OLEDs it is ideal for watching movies in the dark, with a novel of insurmountable blacks and a great angle of vision. If we look for some unfavorable point in image quality: the level of brightness is a little lower than the brightest in the market, although more than enough. The Smart is Android that is not the best and the design is unique, it is a TV that is slightly inclined and rests directly on the floor, for some users this can be a handicap. The sound is through the vibration of the screen, without speakers.
  • The best: Image quality, design
  • The worst: Smart, design

Technical / Specifications:

Specs and comments are of the specific product,
the same model can undergo important variations
Screen: 55, 65 and 77 inches. Flat
TechnologyOLED 4K HDR Processor X1™ Extreme
PanelMVA 10 Bits 
Resolution 4K
Smart TV: Android TV
  • 4x HDMI
  • 3x USB
  • Dual Tuner
  • Bluetooth
  • Audio: 50W
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Design Sony A1

Alternative to Sony A1?

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Our opinion Sony A1(veredict):

Our opinion about the Sony A1 is very good, it is a television that will give you everything you are looking for in image and design quality. This TV looks perfectly from different angles and you have to be very fussy to find some point against it, only if you compare it with the best of other brands. The design may like it or not so it should be one of the decisive factors and not so much the incontestable image quality. This is a TV similar in image to the LG C7 and a little lower in brightness to the new LG C8. The LG C7 is a good option to save about 400£ and have a TV with a more standard design and quality of parity image, the LG C8 improves a bit the maximum brightness and has a better Smart platform, is more expensive than the C7 but very similar to the Sony A1, at least during 2018.

Model Name: Name of 2018 Sony TV
  • Sony KD-55A1
  • Sony KD-65A1
  • Sony KD-77A1

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