Thursday, November 1, 2018

Sony XF7596: mid-range Android TV

The Sony XF7596 is a mid-range TV 2018-2019 with AndroidTV and 4K resolution. This is a good mid-range TV with a set price, it is the cheapest TV with all the Sony Smart features. The panel is IPS so it is recommended for the whole family or if you are going to see it from the sides, as against we have to emphasize that the deepest blacks suffer if we watch movies with the lights off and they can become a little gray. We must differentiate between XF7596 televisions of 43-49 inches and 55-65 inches since according to the official website they mount a different panel, being the top-sized DirectLED that presents better uniformity against the panel of 43-49 TVs is about 2cm thinner. The frequency is 50Hz (400 MotionFlow) and 8bits although it is compatible with the HDR10 content is far from the best current TVs that are: native 100Hz and 10 bits.
The other models of the same series XF7000 are a little lower especially in Smart since they do not have the AndroidTV version, they incorporate a much more limited Smart TV.
  • The best: Angle of vision, price
  • The Worst: Movies in the dark

Technical / Specifications:

Specs and comments are of the specific product,
the same model can undergo important variations
Screen: 43, 49, 55 and 6inches. Flat
Technology: 4K X-Reality™ PRO
Resolution 4K
3D: -
MotionFlow400Hz (50Hz)
Smart TV: Android TV 
  • 4x HDMI
  • 3x USB 
  • Audio: 20W
View all specifications (Sony website)

Design Sony XF7596

Alternative to Sony XF756?

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Our opinion Sony X7596 (veredict):

Our opinion about the Sony XF7596 is good if you are looking for a complete TV, with good connectivity, good Smart and good image quality, although far from the best TV of the year, at a reasonable price. This TV has the typical characteristics of an IPS panel so it depends on the most common uses we can recommend it or not. If you are a great lover of home cinema better to look for another TV for the same price as another brand like Samsung. The TV one step higher is the XF8 that incorporates Sony Triluminos technology and a native 100Hz panel, so we advise you to ask yourself if your budget reaches that model clearly superior in image quality.

Model Name: Name of 2018 Sony TV
  • Sony 43XF7596 EdgeLED
  • Sony 49XF7596 EdgeLED
  • Sony 55XF7596 DirectLED
  • Sony 65XF7596 DirectLED

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