Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Samsung Q70R vs Q60R. Which is better?

The Samsung Q60R / Q64R and the Samsung Q70R, contrary to what it might seem, are quite different TV sets. They share the Smart platform, 50 / 100Hz panel and the 4K resolution.

The main difference lies in the type of panel: the Q60R mounts an EdgeLED, but uniformity and contrast, while the Q70R mounts a FALD with zone control that is clearly superior. In addition, the Q60R has a lower maximum brightness peak, which is quite important for playing high quality HDR content, it is not compatible with HDR10 +.

The Q60R model is available from 43 inches, so if you are looking for this size there are not many better options than this QLED.

The price of the Samsung Q70R is considerably higher, about £220 more in 55 inches.

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The conclusion is clear, the Samsung Q70R is much better than the Samsung Q60R in all respects except the price. The Q70R offers better image quality and is compatible with some of the best HDR formats. It is brighter, better contrast and better panel uniformity. For us the only reason to choose the Samsung Q60R is that your budget does not arrive to buy the Samsung Q70R.

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