Wednesday, January 11, 2012

LG 42LV5500 Review

The LED TV LG LV5500 house is a great TV if you're interested in no real 3D. This is the LG 42-inch model that offers great image quality and incorporates many functions. If you want to incorporate the 3D recommend looking LW5500 model. It has Full HD, SmarTV, 4 HDMI ports, ... in short the best LG LED TV without 3D.

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Technical Data / Specifications:
Technology: LED Edge XD-Engine FHD.
Inches: 42 ".
Resolution: FullHD (1920x1080)
CMR: 500Hz (100 Hz)
Dynamic Contrast / Brightness: 4.000.000:1
3D: No
Other specifications:

  • 4xHDMI. 
  • 2xUSB 2.0. 
  • LAN: ethernet + Wi-Fi (optional) 
  • 10Wx2 speakers.

It has four HDMI inputs that are the same number can be found in a high gamma TV. Internet has access to the platform for LG's Smart TV (internet). The two USB ports are available to play most files, XviD, MKV, ... You can also record TV over USB. You have the option of incorporating a Wi-Fi transmitter (not included.
Visit TV LED Glossary for more information about what does mean HDMI, HDReady, CMR, HZ...

It has a very thin black frame. Has approximately 4 cm deep, but its edges create an optical illusion that makes the TV even thinner than it actually is. Minimalist finish is impressive.

The worst:
If you were to watch TV on a site with lots of sun image will not be quite right. If the content is predominantly bright not noticed many problems but if you're watching something very dark scenes you can see that you can not really achieve a satisfactory image. Another negative is the sound, as in almost all models of LED technology are hidden speakers but do not offer much power or high quality.

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Conclusion (Verdict):
The LG LV5500 is a screen that although its response to black levels fail to fully satisfy the advanced user, you will not notice for a regular user. LED TV is a good value for money. The image on the screen and all the functions and features connectors that make it an excellent model with an internet connection and without 3D. The quality and incorporates features that make it excellent for its price. From guiacompratv remember that for a similar price you can get a TV with less technical features but offers 3D

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  1. This TV is excellent right out of the box. What I wanted was the best picture and features, without going 3D and LG delivered. Setting up my DISH Network HD satellite system was a breeze. I was extremely happy with the picture quality and the blacks are so incredibly black and the colors are so vivid it makes my sporting events on ESPN HD come alive. After a little customizing you will have everything you need wrapped up in one remote, but I prefer to use my DISH universal remote because it’s already programmed to everything I have already. I’m glad a co-worker recommended this TV to me; it was the best thing he could’ve done to me at the time. With the sleek design it even looks awesome even while it’s turned off. The quality is certainly well worth the price.